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Hablamos Espanol. Why is that important? At A Smile 4U Family Dentistry, our professional team recognizes that you are not just a set of teeth. You are a whole person with a unique background, family and health needs. Your culture and language are part of you, and Dr. José Arocho and Dr. Nelly Matos share a Hispanic background and bilingual skills with many of their patients. Yes, we are a Spanish-speaking dental practice!

What we're about

We are proud to serve the Charlotte, NC, area with the finest preventive, restorative and cosmetic services. Dr. José Arocho and Dr. Nelly Matos connect with the community through their precise and compassionate care and outreach work, too.

What dental services do you need? Our dentists emphasize continuing preventive care. So, just like the American Dental Association, they advise six-month cleanings and check-ups in their comfortable, state-of-the-art office.

This bilingual husband-wife team also provides innovative restorative and cosmetic services, addressing oral health problems quickly and precisely and helping you meet the aesthetic goals you have for your smile. The doctors believe patient education for children, and adults, too, helps smiles remain vibrant and strong; so expect clear, understandable explanations of any needed procedures, and learn how to care for your teeth and gums at home.

When it comes to finding a dental office it’s important that you have one that you can communicate with and that fully understands your needs. Of course, if English isn’t your first language you may worry that you aren’t able to fully communicate the issues you are dealing with to ensure that you get the proper treatment and care you are looking for. We know how stressful this can be, which is why at A Smile 4 U Family Dentistry you’ll find that our dentists and team speak both English and Spanish fluently. By being bilingual, our dentists are able to provide comprehensive care to more patients living in and around the Charlotte, NC area.

No matter whether you or a family member are dealing with tooth aches, dental checkups, or other dental problems, know that you’ll be able to talk about your problems with us and receive an understanding and compassionate dental team that is ready to work with you to create a customized treatment plan with your health in mind. You never have to worry that language is a factor, which makes it easier for us to establish a lasting rapport with all the patients we treat. You will be amazed just how much more comfortable you are when you feel you can fully converse with our dental team.

Best practices

At A Smile 4U Family Dentistry, you will receive instructions for hygiene and for advanced dental procedures in the language you understand best. As native-born Puerto Ricans, Dr. Arocho and Dr. Matos will speak to you in Spanish if that is what you prefer, and you will receive printed materials, such as new patient forms, in Spanish as needed.

What can we do for you?

Come to A Smile 4U Family Dentistry with confidence in our treatments and in our desire to build a warm relationship between our family and yours. Dr. Arocho and Dr. Matos came from Puerto Rico in 2004 and have become an integral part of the wonderful community in Charlotte. Please call their office to arrange your routine appointments: (704) 549-1199.

Estamos orgullosos de servir el área de Charlotte, NC, con los mejores servicios de prevención, restauración y cosmético.

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